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Cheap domain name registration can be found all over the internet. However finding a good reliable domain name registrar is an important fact to consider. Some registrars will attract you to a first time offer then the following year will increase the charge sometimes by double.

To avoid this scenario it might be good practise to pay a few years in advance for your domain just to lock in a cheap annual fee.

On our cheap domains page you can read about the six important tips for choosing the correct domain name for your business.

For many years now millions of people have been turning to the internet to promote their businesses or even to make a living through online marketing.

Our marketing resources page will introduce you to the latest marketing ideas such as those employed by successful marketing individuals and private businesses. We will guide you to some useful courses and marketing hand books that you can download and read right now.

We will also provide you with some links to a few very helpful articles about online marketing.

In this section we explore five tips that will be the framework of most affiliate marketing websites.

There is no magic secret formula like a lot of internet "gurus" claim. When you read these five affiliate marketing tips the logic in the process to follow will soon become apparent.

Yes there are certain systems out there that will make you some money on line but most of them will include the five basic affiliate marketing guidelines that you can read about on our "Marketing Tips" page.

We have invested the time and energy to investigate numerous work from home programs and e-Book courses like, Ewen Chia's - Cash Siphon System and Internet Money on Demand, The Cash 1234 System (not recommended), Legit Online Jobs, Who Loves Money, Automated Cash Formula, Teach Online, On Line Marketing Classroom and lots more.

The work at home programs and e-book courses recommended on this website clearly define any costs you might incur. These work from home opportunities are simple and easy to follow.

Research each one of these reliable work from home sites to determine which suits your way of learning and working from home. The more recently published e-Book courses and programs are located at the top of the list.

You can view some of the e-books and courses by following the "Read more" button below.

Our "web-hosting" page includes eight important reasons why you should not host your business web site on a free of charge hosting service.

There are thousands of web hosts to choose from when you are thinking about setting up your own website. A lot are not worth their salt, down time, poor service, slow up and down loading speeds just to mention a few of the pit falls.

Over the past ten years we have signed up for several hosting services. Most have been reliable with good service, some have been excellent but one in particular was our worst nightmare.

It cost us a lot of downtime and immense frustration with their inability to communicate. Searching around the forums we discovered we weren't the only business to have that experience with the said host company. And we were paying a premium rate.

On our web hosting page we offer inteligent tips and recommend several hosting services that you can compare and decide whether or not they meet your needs.

What is an autoresponder?

Basically an autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers any e-mails sent to it.

Autoresponders are used in e-mail marketing. Some are sofisticated software programs that will send out a set sequence of emails after a user's email address is captured in an online form that delivers the email address to the software.

You can sell to existing customers and build customer relationships through intelligent communication using autoresponders.

You may set up your autoresponder to send messages at any particular time in whatever order or frequency you require.

You could set up many mailing lists to be controlled by the one autoresponder software script.

For more infomation and to compare some of the more popular autoresponders in todays market please view our autoresponders page.

What is marketing software?

Autoresponders fall into the marketing software category as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Here are some more:

Lead generation software.

Ad campaign software.

Real Estate Agent software.

Social marketing software.

Web visitor tracking software.

Customer support software.


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