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7 Reasons Why You should Not Use Free Web Hosting Services

  1. Banners
    The banner adds could take customers away from your website. And for that click you get absolutely zilch nothing, goose egg. That viewer has probably gone for good and will never come back.
    You don’t want that do you?

    It is better to pay a monthly hosting fee then you will have full control over the content and advertising on your website.

  2. Credibility
    Having your own domain creates a more professional image for your business. People might be a bit dubious to buy from a firm that uses a free host service.

    When you have your own “dot com” prospects can see you are serious about your business. Would YOU buy a product from a website that can't afford to pay $6.50 per month for web hosting?

  3. No features.
    Free hosting sites have very few features and usually will not have the important ones such as My SQL database or cgi bin to run your shopping carts. These are needed to run an e commerce site

  4. Boring Page Loads
    Free hosting services are well known for slow page loads. When your prospect clicks on your buy button he wants to complete the action quickly. On some occasions, with free web hosting, your customer may not see your site load up at all.

    Eight seconds is considered the maximum page load time before an an anxious prospect clicks away to another site.

  5. Recognition and Branding
    Hosting your site with a free hosting service means you will have a very long URL address.
    For example

    With your own domain and paid hosting your address might be like this:

    Now which of the above two addresses is going to be easier to remember?
    That's an easy answer.

  6. No Support
    Hello anyone there?

  7. Quality Hosting Is Safer
    The cost of good quality hosting with all the bells and whistles starts at around $5.00 per month. Choose a web host company that is financially secure and has a good reputation. I did exhaustive research to find reliable web hosts for my business. This is so important.

Quality Hosting Services (Best deals)

All the above hosting services are reliable and worth comparing to help you decide which hosting plan is best for you. Note that two of the services currently offer a free domain name with your web hosting.

This free domain offer is worth say around ten to fifteen dollars for one domain for the year. After that year is up you will probably have to pay each consecutive year from there on. Some hosts that offer the free domain name enticement will not allow you to move the domain to another hosting service. At that point the offer becomes less interesting particularly if you have a serious enough issue with the hosting service.

That said, we have hosted several of our websites at 1and1 Hosting for the past nine years. We did not use the free domain name to host our major website. If we do have to transfer to another host in the future leaving the original free domain with the host will not effect our mainstream business.

The host has provided us with trouble free service for the entire nine years.

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