5 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Welcome to "affiliate internet marketing tips" page. In this affiliate tips section I will give you a brief outline of one way that you can work from home and make money on line.

Follow this link for more detailed step by step instructions that will show you how to build your own online money making system in just a few days.

Five Affiliate Internet Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tip 1 Find Your Niche

The first step in choosing the right affiliate program for you is to decide on a market niche. Find the market before you decide on the affiliate product. Look for a market demand that is specific and fits your interest.

For example your interest might be shoes and you know a lot about shoes. The word “shoes” sits in a wide market and there are millions of suppliers you would have to compete with. But "small red rubber shoes" narrows down the market.

Just do a search for "shoes" in Yahoo or Google and see how many million results you get. Then search for "small red rubber shoes".

My search produced 173,000,000 for shoes and 1,340,000 for "small red rubber shoes". You are more likely to be found if your website has less competition.

To help you find a particular item people are searching for on the internet you will need to use a research tool like Google Keywords which will tell you how many times a word or phrase has been searched for during a specific month. Click here for help with researching your niche.

However just knowing how many times a word or phrase has been searched is not enough. You will also need to know how many websites are competing for that word or phrase.

The most efficient tool for gathering this kind of information is Word Tracker You can use it free to collect your niche key words and phrases from their data base. There are some limitations with the free version which only returns data searched on MSN. The paid version includes Google Yahoo and many other search engine results. Give Word Tracker a trial run.

Word Tracker will display links back to other websites that are competing in your chosen market niche. You can analyze your competition to see if they are offering a good solution to the searcher's problem.

To include all the search engines in your research just sign up for a one day usage with Word Tracker at around $6.00. The website will give you instructions on how to use the program. It takes only a few minutes to learn the program.

Your key words are the backbone of your online business. Gather the strong keywords for your niche and you will get quality traffic to your website. Quality traffic is people looking for exactly what you have to offer. If you solve their problem then you have a customer.

Knowing that the search engine spiders look for keywords to rank your web pages and place you in an advantaged position in search results, it becomes obvious that putting some time into gathering relevant keywords will pay off in the long run. So use the WordTracker tool to gather your keywords.

Here is another key word and key phrase tracker tool that has recently been released. Check it out here.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 2 Find your Product.

Once you decide on your market niche you are ready to search for affiliate products that are relative to your market niche. The secret here is to promote just a few products that are beneficial to your readers. You need to provide the access to one or two products that they really want.

Don't make the mistake of cluttering up your internet affiliate marketing web site with lots of affiliate products. Your viewers will just think you are out to make a fast buck rather than offer them something that is helpful and relevant to the content of your site. Use the affiliate sales programs directory on this website to find your products.

Before you begin signing up for free affiliate programs if you haven't already done so please download the RoboForm tool bar. It's free. This will save you a lot of time. As a webmaster you will be required to tediously fill in forms. Robo Form will automatically fill in the online application forms and remember the log in and passwords for the affiliate sites you sign up for.

If you are going to market your new found product on a website you will have to register your website name. This is really called a domain name. Registration can cost from $6.00 to $17.00 per year. Your domain name will be a unique name that no other website can have.

Choose a name that relates to your product such as: this will assist the search engines in finding your website. If you cannot get the name you want then try variations such as

One registrant that will give you a suggestion list of alternative available domain names close to the one you are searching for is . They also have the cheapest domains on the web so make sure you check it out.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 3 Set Up Your Website

Set up your website with rich content related to your product and market niche. Place text links and banners on your site. If you have no experience with HTML editors such as Dreamweaver, Front Page, Net Objects Fusion, Coffee Cup or any other popular website editing software then I would advise you to use a server side "point and click" website developing program or a web designer.

The learning curve for the former programs mentioned above would be steep. I will discuss more about those tools and software later.

To set up a web site you will need a host. The host is a service provider company which will rent you some digital storage space on its servers. There are many free hosting services but most of these will want to place advertisements on your site. The adds could take customers away from your website.

It is better to pay a hosting fee then you have full control over the content and advertising on your website. Good quality hosting service fees start at around $5.00 per month.

Choose a webhost company that is financially secure and has a good reputation. I did exhaustive research to find a reliable web host for my business. This is so important.

A colleague of mine learned the hard way. He used a small, relatively unknown hosting service for 9 months then this web host went out of business. It took a great deal of time, patience, energy and valuable resources for him to re-upload websites, shopping carts and reset his e-mails. His business ceased to exist for more than two weeks.

If you plan to publish more than one website (and you no doubt will) I advise you to find a host that offers multiple domain (website) hosting. Choose a host that offers instant support service, large storage (lots of Giggabytes), hundreds of giggabytes of bandwidth ( traffic ) and all the necessary e commerce programs included for a very very reasonable price.

When you are starting out on a new website you need a host service with great support. The hosting service we use has got everything and is a large financially s company with a variety of hosting plans starting from $2.00 a month.

Check out Multiple Domain Hosting at Affordable Price

Affiliate Marketing Tip 4 Drive Traffic To Your Website

If you don't have any visitors coming to view your site then you will sell nothing. One way to drive traffic to your website is to write articles about the product you are promoting or marketing.

There are many article directories that will offer your article to other website owners. These webmasters will publish your articles as content on their sites. Your article will contain a resource box which should contain links to your website.

Provided you write a content rich useful article when the viewers of these other websites read your article they will have confidence in your advice.

It is always my policy to give my readers more useful material than what they expect then a great product that will totally satisfy their needs.

This way the customer will come back to your site or any other site you run to solve any other problem they might need to solve.

If you need help to write articles then I recommend you take a look at this article writing wizard program. This program will compile your article in minutes based on your key words and required topics.

If you don't enjoy writing then this article writing program will be your salvation.

Once you have completed writing your article then you will need to submit it to several article directories where other webmasters search for content for their websites.

You can submit your article manually or with article submission software. Submitting manually can take some time and energy. I prefer to do this task with Article Submitter Software.

One thing you must be sure of when using software to submit your articles is that you select a category at the submission site. This is important because placing your article in wrong categories could show up as spam when viewed by the search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

The website of this Top Article Submission Wizard explains this problem in more detail.

Affiliate Marketing Tip 5 Use E-mail Marketing

Build up a subscriber list of people by giving away a free gift such as a useful report or e-Book that contains important information related to your market niche.

Collect your readers e-mail addresses so that you can offer them more products later down the track. To collect your prospect's information you will set up a sign up form on your website.

So that you are not tied to the computer several hours a day to manage your e-mail promotions you will need to purchase or subscribe to an auto responder service such as;




Aweber seems to be the most popular and efficient of the autoresponder web based services.

Another top autoresponder tool that you can purchase outright (not a web based based service) is arpReach. All of these software have many features to save you time, boost your sales and add a professional style to your e-mails.

Here are some of the advantages of using an autoresponder to manage your e-mail:

1 You can avoid being falsely accused of spamming by:

Automatically deleting unsubscribers. (It is illegal to continue mailing to someone who has requested to be removed from your mailing list.)

Automatically removing "bounce backs" (This will show the ISPs like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail that you diligently update your mailing list and keep it clean. )

Automatically removing "duplicate addresses" (If you send the same e-mail to the same person many times it could entice them to apply their spam filter to your mailings.)

2 You can set your autoresponder to deliver reports of product information at different time intervals. It is important to stay in touch with your prospects this way. Contact them through your e-mail at least one or two times a week.

You don't want them to forget that your business exists. Sending them a friendly e-mail with useful information about your product or service on a regular basis will strengthen your relationship.

3 For a business that is training people the autoresponder can be set to deliver sections of a course on a weekly or monthly basis.

4 Through your subscription forms you can automatically add tracking tags to each subscriber's details to filter your subscribers into different categories.

5 A good autoresponder like Aweber or arpReach will allow you to add trackable links to your messages. Then you can monitor which of your contacts are interested in a particular product or web page you sent them to.

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