Six Domain Name Registration Tips

Here are some tips that might help you choose the right domain name for your online business.

  1. When you choose your primary domain name make sure it is a name that is easy to spell and pronounce. Some webmasters register cute names like “”.

    This kind of cute name can be difficult for people to remember. Was it “shoesforyou” or was it “shoes4you” or “shoesforu” I advise you not to go this track with your domain name. I would take a more conventional approach and register “shoesforyou”

  2. Register dashed (-) versions of your domain name like Forward this to your primary website address. This will increase your web presence. (More about this later).

    Dashes are OK. Most people these days arrive at websites by clicking on a link rather than typing the URL into the browser window.

    Also more dashed names are being used these days as the availability of names with connected words becomes less.

    But try for a simple .com name (for your primary domain name) that indicates what your business is about.

  3. Register high scoring keyword domains and point those at your primary web site address. Again this will help your site ranking. You can use Word Tracker to find your keywords.
  4. Limit the maximum number of characters in your domain name to 25.
  5. Register your primary name as a “.com” then register a ”.net” version of your name to protect your site from traffic theft.
  6. Make sure it is domain name that you like.

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