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You will need marketing software to assist you to run your online business efficiently with a professional image. View these marketing software programs carefully and compare them to any other programs that offer the same functions.

You will realize that what I have recommended here is good quality internet marketing products with very affordable price tags. All these marketing software programs are designed to help you automate your business, freeing up your time for creative work, leisure and generating more profit.


This e-book compiler has so many features that it would take the whole page to list them here. I downloaded the trial version which is a fully working all features active e-Book software program.

I contacted the support department to check the response rate of thier service. That was OK. The main features that I require are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Unlimited publishing of e-Books.
  • No royalty for me to pay.
  • Pass word protection of my work. Buyer is unable to copy or send to a friend to read.
  • Right mouse click control to prevent copying.
  • Ability to save each project.

You will get all these features and more with this e-Book compiler.

Get Response Autoresponder

This marketing software is a powerful email processing autoresponder. But this is a web based autoresponder service that charges $17.99 per month. You can join up for a free account with limited features. I joined the free account for one month. There is no time limit.

You can click here for the free account.

You will be able to test drive this autoresponder service and decide whether or not it suits your needs.

Get Response Auto responder email marketing tool

AWeber - Capture Hidden Profits with Unlimited Autoresponders

Less Work - More Sales Sound good? AWeber's unlimited follow up autoresponders increase sales, lower costs, build lasting customer relationships, and increase your profits!

AWeber invites you to take a test drive of their e-mail autoresponder service by filling out the form here at the left. You can get right inside the program and view all the tabs which make up the interface of this e-mail marketing autoresponder program. See AWeber autoresponder in action.

The program has 51 pre-designed mail templates and opt-in forms. AWeber gives you easy to follow video training programs to quickly get you up and running with the autoresponder marketing program.

You can become a member risk free for 30 days. This is a popular professionally run autoresponder web service with low monthly rates. However if you calculate on staying in the online marketing business for many years you might like to consider a autoresponder marketing software program such as Autoresponse Plus or Mail Loop 7 that you can purchase outright.

IDev Affiliate Tracking Software

If you have a product to sell on line then getting other website owners to help you sell is a sure fire way to increase your sales. They join your affiliate program through a form on your website or third party website. This is where you will need an affiliate tracking program to manage your accounts and signups, keep track of sales and pay your affiliates on time.

With affiliates to sell your products you achieve more sales, more traffic to your website and a higher search engine ranking created by the websites linking back to your website.

You can purchase this software and install it on your website. There are no monthly fees to pay. You can take a free demo of this program here.


Wimpy Player
Wimpy Player

I am compelled to tell you about a piece of software that you might find useful for your website. What attracted me to this small but powerful script for playing videos or MP3 files was the versatility of the software. You can make anything from a single button to a fully customized, skinnable and expandable unit that plays video and audio. You don't need to be a technician to use this software.

If you need buttons on your website this is the script to download and use. You can place multiple buttons on one single page. Play video or audio .mp3 files. The single button will save space on your page.

Use it for music samples. Upload samples of your music as .mp3 files to your web site. Insert the simple java code for each sample that you want to allow your visitors to play.

The software comes with a Button Maker that allows you to tailor your own shape and color for your buttons.

It's so elegant and perfect.

Audience Analyzer

This is a sophisticated keyword gathering tool to help you optimise your target trafficking process. It plays a similar roll to "Word Tracker" which is the older industry standard. However this software comes with a few modernized features.

The Audience Anlyzer has several tools in the one software program. These tools, in my opinion, help to gather information from a more focused target in each category in a user friendly way.

  • Facebook Interests Tool
    Uncover thousands of interest keyword phrases directly from Facebook's internal database through their marketing API!
  • movie tool
    Search movie titles and actor/actress names to uncover super-targeted interest keywords!
  • Website names tool
    Find thousands of web site names to use as highly-targeted interest keyword phrases!
  • Brands Tool
    Target brand name interest keywords for ultra-targeted results!
  • Search Engine Tool
    Quickly expand your keyword spread by extracted thousands of more keyword phrases from the top search engines and top e-commerce search engines!
  • Targets Manager Tool
    Quickly manage all your Facebook interest keywords in one easy-to-use target manager tool!
  • Books Tool
    Instantly search book & magazine titles directly from Google book's internal database!
  • Wikipedia Tool
    Instantly pull thousands of keywords from Wikipedia for ANY niche imaginable, and then verify if the keywords are facebook interests at a click of a button!

Using the latest “Audience Analyzer” software, you can quickly & easily uncover thousands of hidden interesting keywords for your Facebook ads!

If you are interested in improving your Facebook ad campaigns .. you can grab Audience Analyzer right now ..

PLUS, the owners have slashed $80 off the normal price during their product launch period!

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In addition, you get access to the bonus “Social Post Browser” Version 2.0 software ..

also .. both the Audience Analyzer software and the bonus software work on PC and Mac computers.

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